Viral Channel

Viral Channel

##Guide on Posting Tracking Link on Viral Channel

Tracking Links are provided in short link format and can be easily deployed on various channel. Here are some good ways to use Tracking Links on Airbridge.

Facebook Pages and Groupslink

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Add Tracking Links while responding to customers to official Facebook page and group customer comments. People who pass by can also see it through comments, and if you're serving websites and apps in parallel, you can make it even more effective by letting your website Users install your app.


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If you have an active blog, add a Tracking Link to the button at the very bottom of the blog post, and see how many clicks and installs are made on your blog.


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Instagram can be another good channel to drive app installs. Do you run Instagram as an eCommerce app? Are you communicating with clients through the Instagram to enhance your brand image? Track the viral effect by adding a Tracking Link in the Instagram representative link.

In fact, the person who knows best about his or her services is the marketer. How you use Tracking Links will depend entirely on your decisions. Airbridge Tracking Link will help and support marketers’ the free link management at all times.

If you need more supports for Tracking Links, please share your suggestions to us through the chat box in the bottom right corner.