Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

Integrating with Google Analyticslink

Under Install Referrer Receiver, please register by naming Third-party receiver.

<receiver android:name="io.airbridge.DeferredLinkReceiver" android:exported="true">
<action android:name="" />
<!-- For GA Campaign Receiver -->
<meta-data android:name="GAReceiver" android:value=""/>
<!-- For Custom Receiver -->
<meta-data android:name="CustomReceiver1" android:value="io.airbridge.test.TPReceiver"/>

Integrating with iTunes Connectlink

Purpose of Featurelink

If you create a Tracking Link on Airbridge after integrating with iTunes Connect, a Campaign Link will be automatically created on iTunes Connect to offer analytics from App Store.

How to Integratelink

STEP 1link

Go to iTunes Connect and sign-in with the Apple account to which the App is published, and click ‘App Analytics’ tab.

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STEP 2link

On iTunes Connect App Analytics, select App to begin integration from the App list.

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STEP 3link

Once the App is selected, go to ‘Source’ from upper menu and click ‘Create Campaign Link’ on the right.

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STEP 4link

Check ‘Provider ID’ from ‘Create Campaign Link’ and copy the serial number

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STEP 5link

Go back to Airbridge Dashboard to click ‘Third-Party Integration’ on the left tab, to click iTunes Connect from submenu. Paste copied ID from iTunes Connect to ‘Submit Provider ID’, register, and complete integration.

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If you have any further inquiries relating to iTunes Connect integration, please reach us through ‘1:1 Inquiry’ from the bottom right corner or email us to Airbridge Customer Support. We will be in touch shortly.

Integrating with Brazelink

Purpose of Featurelink

As the world’s No.1 MMA (Mobile Marketing Automation) solution, Braze offers a precise targeted campaign by creating User segments, based on Airbridge tracking and collected acquisition information (i.e. User driven from certain Paid Channel and/or campaign via Airbridge) from integration with Airbridge.

Integration Requirementslink

  • This integration is available for iOS and Android Apps.
  • To integrate Airbridge with Braze, first of all, both Airbridge SDK and Braze SDK must be installed to your App.

How to Integratelink

Integrating Airbridge to Braze will be made via SDK-to-SDK. Attribution Data collected by Airbridge SDK will be transmitted to Braze, via Braze SDK.


AirBridge.init(this, "YOUR_APP_NAME(app name)", "YOUR_APP_TOKEN(app token)");
AirBridge.turnOnIntegration(new AppboyIntegrator());


On iOS, use the ‘delegate’ design pattern.

// AppDelegate Interface
@interface AppDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate, ABTrackingDelegate>
// AppDelegate Implementation
[AirBridge getInstance:<"YOUR_APP_TOKEN(app token)"> appName:<"YOUR_APP_NAME(app name)"> withLaunchOptions:launchOptions facebookSDKInstalled:NO];
[[AirBridge instance] setAirbridgeTrackingDelegate:self];
// AppDelegate Implementation
- (void)airbridgeUserAttributed:(ABAttribution *)attribution {
Install Attributes
ABKAttributionData *abkAttributionData = [[ABKAttributionData alloc] initWithNetwork:attribution.source
[[[Appboy sharedInstance] user] setAttributionData:abkAttributionData];
Optional Custom Attributes
[[[Appboy sharedInstance] user] setCustomAttributeWithKey:@"airbridge_medium"
[[[Appboy sharedInstance] user] setCustomAttributeWithKey:@"airbridge_ad_content"
[[[Appboy sharedInstance] user] setCustomAttributeWithKey:@"airbridge_search_keyword"
[[Appboy sharedInstance] flushDataAndProcessRequestQueue];

Integratable Data Typeslink

Airbridge can send seven types of data to Braze, as in the following. These data are used for User Install Attribution and Custom Attribution. You can view it on Dashboard and use it for filtering.

Besides the four basic data types (Source, Campaign, Ad Group, Ad) offered by Braze, Airbridge offers additional three data types such as airbridge_ad_content, airbridge_medium, airbridge_search_keyword as a Custom Attribute. Among these, airbirdge_search_keyword delivers the keyword to the value when it comes from Naver Web search ad .

airbridge Data FieldAppboy Segment FilterAttribution TypeDescriptionExample
channelInstall Attribution SourceInstall AttributionName of Paid Ad channelfacebook
campaignInstall Attribution CampaignInstall AttributionName of Campaignspringpromotion_campaign
ad_groupInstall Attribution Ad GroupInstall AttributionName of adGroupfemale_2030
ad_creativeInstall Attribution AdInstall AttributionName of adCreativeadcreative_1
contentairbridge_ad_contentCustom AttributeName of ad copy, slogan, and promotionslim_fit
mediumairbridge_mediumCustom AttributeType of mediumbanner
termairbridge_search_keywordCustom AttributeAd search keywordjeans

If you have any further inquiries relating to Braze integration, please reach us through ‘1:1 Inquiry’ from the bottom right corner or email us to Airbridge Customer Support. We will be in touch shortly.