To Register Web/App

To Register Web/App

Select OS (Required)link

Select the OS of your App for registration. If your App is published on both Android and App Store, please select both.

Search App Name (Required)link

By entering registered App Name as registered on App Market (i.e. Play Store, App Store) on to input window of each OS, you will get a list of Apps. From this list, select the App Name to register.

Newly published App on to the App Market may not be searched sometimes, even searching by accurate app name. This is because it may take a number of hours for the newly published App to be reflected in an ordinary exposure. If the problem continues, please contact us for an inquiry, by clicking on to the bubble button in the bottom right corner.

Installing from Web (Required)link

When installing from web, please make sure the following script is added to the webpage, so that all required information can be registered.

// initialize
app: '[app name]', // This info is available in Dashboard > App Info
appToken: '[app token]', // This info is available in Dashboard > App Info
defaultChannel: 'channel name in Dashboard', // 'airbridge.websdk' is default value

Other Input Informationlink

  • App Name (Required, in Korean): This App Name will be used for Dashboard display. The App Name in Korean as published on App Market will be automatically added.
  • App Name (Required, in English): This is the unique value for App’s mobile SDK, and only alphabet letters, number, and ‘_’ can be used.
  • Website (Optional): When a Tracking Link (App Install Link) is selected from PC, the website can be selected instead of AirPage.
  • Default Thumbnail Information (Optional): This is a card-type information preview, when Tracking Link (App Install Link) is sent to social media channels (i.e. KakaoTalk, Facebook).
    • Image: The image as published on the App Market will be auto-fetched, and you can replace it with entering image URL or directly uploading the image (recommended image size: 1200 x 1600 px).

AirPage: This page is automatically created with registration information once App is registered. In AirPage, Users can send Tracking Link (App Install Link) to mobile via SMS. Once App registration is completed, you can access '[App English Name]'.

Complete App Registrationlink

Once App’s information is submitted, click ‘Complete App Registration’ button and access Dashboard.