Naver Ad

Naver Ad

Naver’s Ad is a keyword advertising platform operated by Naver, South Korea's largest portal engine. Basically, if you set a bid for a specific keyword, the ad exposes the advertiser's highest priced bid when Users search for that keyword. We currently only support website ads, and we may be able to support app ads in the future.

Airbridge measures the app installs effectiveness via Naver website ads. In other words, it takes a website ad to track Users who have installed an app within three days of visiting a mobile website and a desktop website (The three-day contribution period will be provided for future adjustments via the setting Airbridge Dashboard's Lookback Window).

This feature is very important to the tendency of triggering active app installs through web banners, SMS transmission, desktop Google Play installation, and etc. This is because if an app is installed one of the Users who visited your website, you can solve the problem of 'disappearing' without counting the User to the website performance.

If you have any further questions about tracking app installs through Airbridge website ads, please email us at Airbridge Support.


Above all, to track Naver keyword ads, you need to install the Web SDK on website, in addition to the Mobile SDK.

In Airbridge, integrating with the various Paid Channel is quite easy, which we currently support under 'Managing Paid Channel’. After entering the menu, click the ‘Naver Ad’ button to go to Details.

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Paste the script provided on the detail page into the very bottom of the of the website or .

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And then, log on to Naver ad system for full-scale integration. First, select wanted campaign from GNB from the left and click 'Edit' button in the 'Campaign Details' section from the top right corner.
(In this example, you can see the detail page of the 'Airbridge Blog' campaign by first entering the 'Edit' button.)

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Click the modal window which pops up as you click ‘Edit’ button. From here, click on the 'Advanced Options' to expand menu.

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It's about time to visit the Airbridge Dashboard once again. In Airbridge Dashboard, copy ‘Tracking via Website URL’ from ‘Tracking Template’, which serves as the third step.

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Paste copied tracking URL to the Naver keyword ad to the input window after selecting the 'Tracking via Website' option of 'Tracking Features' under 'Advanced Options'.

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  • The 'Tracking via Website URL' input must be made for each campaign. In other words, if you're running 10 campaigns, you'll need to enter all of 10 of the campaign sites to Airbridge 'Tracking via Website URL' window.
  • Should you have any further questions as an advertiser to the 'Tracking sFeature' on Naver keyword ads, please refer to Naver’s official document.