Log Export

Log Export

Request for Log Exportlink

Setting Periodlink

Configure period for log export. You can select up to recent 365 days.

Setting Metricslink

Airbridge Log Export offers various set of matrics. You can export raw data by setting different matrics.

  1. Click Setting Metrics·Filter
  2. Select data Matrics of your choice
  3. Click Done

For more details on configurable matrics, please see Airbridge Data Specification.

Setting Filterlink

Airbridge supports filter features that can sort out data according to preference.

  1. Click Setting Metrics·Filter
  2. Select Filter section from the upper bar
  3. From the left car, select the Metrics of your choice
  4. Add value and click Done

You can select multiple Metrics for a Filter. Also, you can add multiple values to Metrics.

To Change Selected Matrics and Filterlink

Selected Matrics and Filter from Setting Metrics·Filter will be displayed in a edit-friendly mode. Once you click selected item, the item can be edited. Also, by clicking X button, the item can be easily removed.

To Request Log Exportlink

By setting request conditions, you can request Log Export for data. It may take some time for the request to be completed, and you will receive an email when it is completed. In addition, you can check Log Export status from Log Request.

To View Log Requestlink

From Requested Log tab from Log Export, you can view log request history. Requested data can be downloaded again within a month from the date of request.

By selecting Matrics and Filter, you can see data Matrics and Filter settings as stored on to the Requested Log.

To Configure Agent Permissionlink

On Airbridge Log Export, different permissions to Matrics can be configured, which are to be accessed by Agent types.