iOS SDK Release Note

iOS SDK Release Note

Release Notes on Airbridge iOS SDKlink


  • SDK is modified not to hash User ID
  • Fix issue about locale is changed when AppleLanguages in NSUserDefaults is modified


  • User Attributes function is added
  • Log function is added


  • The ability to transfer remaining data When app is forced-quit for a period of time has been added.
  • Speed of data transfer is improved.


  • A UUID for each goals 's format turn to UUID standard.
  • A new feature has been added: Developer can on/off function that hash-encrypt userID and userEmail.


  • A new feature has been added: WIFI information scanning and checking WIFI-related information. For more details, please see guide on To Configure Flag for Collected Information with iOS WIFI Scanning(for offline data analytics)
  • Each goal will now be issued and given an unique UUID.


  • App Session Policy is adopted, so that User behavioral pattern analysis is improved with precision. The duration of App Session can be customized according to User needs. For more details, please see guide on iOS App Session Custom.
  • To improve precision on product tracking in basic in-App Events, transaction_id is now added.
  • Memory leak is now fixed.


  • Six additional basic in-App Events has been added, and there has been changes in the way they are used. Also, stability issue on numerous levels has been enhanced. We will work harder to make Airbridge to be used with greater User solidity and convenience. To see changes on in-App Events, please see In-App Events changes for iOS v1.0.0.


  • To improve security system, we no longer adopt existing UserToken and AppToken. There are more updates for intuitive in-App event settings, and if you do not update this version, you will not be able to get statistical data after install. Customers who wish to continue using the existing Airbridge service, please update by all means. For more details, please see Guide on iOS v1.0.0 Changes in Upgrade.


  • We have redesigned Airbridge SDK to give the launched option to the Instance creator, and to provide statistical stability when App is run on Deep Links.

    [AirBridge getInstance:userToken appToken:appToken withLaunchOptions:launchOptions];
    // Facebook Explicit Using
    [AirBridge getInstance:userToken appToken:appToken withLaunchOptions:launchOptions facebookSDKInstalled:YES];

    Or For customers who do not run Facebook ads, please see details below

    [AirBridge getInstance:userToken appToken:appToken withLaunchOptions:launchOptions facebookSDKInstalled:NO];


  • Fixed an error in Building in ver. 0.7.3 and some Xcode version under Simulator.


  • The intermittent memory issue from OperationQueue for stat delivery is now fixed.


  • A method is added to send just the statistics without handling Deep Links.
[[AirBridge instance] setdeeplinks:(NSURL *)url];


  • Facebook Ad feature is now added.

If you are using Facebook SDK, please insert the following under Facebook Deferred Handling.

[FBSDKAppLinkUtility fetchDeferredAppLink:^(NSURL *url, NSError *error) {
[[AirBridge instance] setFacebookDeferredApplinkWithURL:url];

If you do not use Facebook SDK, please initialize as below.

[AirBridge getInstance:AIRBRIDGE_USER_TOKEN appToken:AIRBRIDGE_APP_TOKEN facebookSDKInstalled:NO];


  • Integration feature with Appboy is now added.
[[AirBrige instance] turnOnAppboyIntegration];



  • A number of logic changes has been made to provide SDK compatibility with iOS 10.0.1, which is a new iPhone OS.


  • When sending in-App Event registration server-to-server, we modified the required variables to be accessed by SDK Users.


  • BackgroundTask not running properly is now fixed.


  • Google Adwords를 지원하기 위해 몇가지 통계데이터가 추가되었습니다.


  • Several statistical data is now added to support Google AdWords.

The added methods in the following is available from ver.0.5.0.



  • Together with the IDFA, a determining value (isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled) that decides the availability of User IDFA, is collected. Collected items are sent to the server to help prevent them from ad tracking, in case they do not want to.


  • The Hash Dismatch Warning from project building after SDK install is now removed.


  • We have redefined the SimpleGoal method. The existing method is provided by integrating AirBanner service and Simple Link in in-App Event registration. However, the returned BOOL value could be wrong, so we have grouped the methods.

Before Update


After Update

  • Anonymous User Matching feature by IDFA and IFV is now added.
  • Deferred Deep Link response time is shortened by reducing the latency of Safari Cookie Matching method and changing the existing initialization logic. (max. 0.5 sec)