In-App Events Composition

In-App Events Composition

In-App Events Compositionlink

You can get a comparative analysis over the performance which comes from registered conversions (i.e. subscriptions, purchases) from Users who have been channeled to a specific channel from an in-app event. Airbridge in-App Event is consisted of three items: Category, Action, and Label. Each combination of the three items creates and tracks each in-app event.

* The sub-items that make up in-App Events can be customized to the characteristics of App service

Example) In-App Event Composition

In-App EventCategoryActionLabel
In-App Event APurchaseVIPClothes
In-App Event BPurchaseVIPAccessories
In-App Event CPurchaseGOLDAccessories
In-App Event DAdd to cartVIPClothes

Types of In-App Eventlink

Basic In-App Eventlink

We support eight conversions as basic in-App Events: ‘sign up’, ‘sign in’, ‘add to cart’ and ‘complete purchase’ that many customers actually use.

Basic In-App EventCategory of Basic In-App Event
Sign upairbridge.user.signup
Sign upairbridge.user.signin
View Product Listairbridge.ecommerce.productList.viewed
Search Resultsairbridge.ecommerce.searchResults.viewed
Product Detailsairbridge.ecommerce.product.viewed
Add to Cartairbridge.ecommerce.product.addedToCart

For basic in-App Events, since the value of category is fixed as above, we can freely use two items of Action and Label.

Example) Settings for basic in-App Events’ Action and Label

Join Membership (fixed)SeoulMale
Join Membership (fixed)BusanFemale
Complete Order(fixed)SeoulMale

Custom In-App Eventlink

In addition to the basic in-App Events, you can register a custom in-App Event as a conversion that you wish to track for the additional service-specific attributes. Custom in-App Events are also available in three sub-items: Category, Action, and Label.

Example) Custom in-App Event settings for music app service

K-POPLIKEYoon Jong-shin
K-POPFOLLOWYoon Jong-shin
J-POPLIKENamie Amuro

예시) Config. of Custom In-App Event in E-Commerce App


Example) Custom in-App Event settings for travel app service


Register In-App Eventslink

When in-App conversions, through Android and iOS SDKs, on wanted Tracking is complete, you can call in-App event including Categories, Actions, and Labels. Then, the in-App events are registered automatically and start to collect statistics. Registered in-App Events can be seen from ‘Registered in-App Event’ tab.

The eight of basic in-App Events can be tracked with a separate method calling at the time of SDK installation. And the attached information to the in-App Event is optional, so you can use it without attachment. However, we encourage you to send full information on in-App Events since it can help you get a detailed and accurate statistical report, such as DSP interaction and remarketing.

For more details on registering platform-specific in-App Events, please see following User Guides.

* We no longer support the method on in-App Event registration through Dashboard and then transmitting the unique identifier to the developers.

Things to Keep in Mind for Setting In-App Eventlink

In specific metrics and features related to in-App Events as below, Category serves as the main criteria among the three sub-items. Please set your Category, Action and Label considering this.

  • Lookback Window: Setting Attribution Period for each in-App Events that are to be released later, can be specified by categories. It cannot be specified by segmented down to Action and Label.
  • In-App Event Postback Delivery: In-App Event postbacks can be set to be delivered by category, and they cannot be set by Action or Label under the same category.