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Google Ads

Google Ads is an RTB (Real-time Bidding) ad platform powered by Google. Google Ads allows you to advertise your website and apps, and helps you place ads on keyword, display, YouTube, and also across a variety of partnered placements to Google. As of October 16, 2017, Google Ads has integrated all of your app-related ad campaigns into ‘Universal App Campaigns (UAC)’, which can easily track by issuing and registering LINK IDs.

Integrating Universal App Campaignlink

  1. Sign in to Google Ads
  2. Select Tools in the upper right corner
  3. Click linked account from ‘Setting'
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  4. Click ‘More’ from ‘Third Party App Analysis’
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  5. Select Create Link ID
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  6. Select other provider and submit Airbridge Provider ID (1530462733)
  7. Select mobile app platform in use
  8. Select app from ‘Search App’ field and select
  9. Select create Link ID
  10. Confirm information from created Link ID
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  11. Copy the created Link ID and select mobile app platform that you selected from ‘Integrate to Paid Channel> Google Ads> Basic Settings’, and on Airbridge, enter the Link ID to ‘Complete Publishing’.
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STEP 2. Import data from Google Adslink

  1. After signing in to Google Ads, select 'Tools>Conversion' in the top right corner
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  2. Select the data you want and click Import and Continue
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  • In Airbridge Dashboard, performance tracking is only available for events imported into ‘Third-party App Analytics Provider (ab180 Inc.)’ in Ads. Please make sure to import 'first_open (installation) and in-app events'.
  • You need to register Link ID for each mobile app platform to complete systematic integration between Airbridge and Google Ads.
  • Your status will show as "Unverified" until you add the Link ID to your app analytics service provider and the conversion data is imported to Ads.
  • You can register one Link ID for each operating system. To change Link ID, delete the Link ID registered in Airbridge Dashboard and re-register.

STEP 3. Start Universal App Campaignlink

Once you've completed STEP 1 and STEP 2, you're all set to track Universal App Campaigns. When you create and run a Universal App Campaign on Google Ads, it will automatically begin tracking for that campaign.

  • Universal App Campaigns will start running just by completing setup the ‘Preferences’.
  • You can start tracking performance of the executed campaign since integration, and once the valid number of install exceeds ‘1’, then you will be able to see report from the statistics page for each Tracking Link.
  • ‘Clicks’ are not tracked in Universal App Campaigns.

Please follow through the guide below on Getting More Done with Universal App Campaign.

Getting More Done with Universal App Campaignlink

After integrating with Link ID, you can optimize your campaign by setting a goal in 'in-app action' while creating Universal App Campaigns. To apply, follow the instructions below.

  1. Google Ads Sign in to Google Ads

    You'll need to access the new Ads (, rather than to the old Ads. If you're already using Ads, click the Settings icon at the top right of the screen and select ‘Get more done with Ads’ to get started with the new Ads.

  2. Press the Settings icon on the top right to access 'Conversion'
  3. Click + button on the page
  4. Select ‘Import’
  5. Select ‘Third-party app analytics’

    On Airbridge, you can see transmitted installation, execution, Deep Link execution, and various other in-app events in a list. 7.Select the wanted 'Event Analytics' and click the 'Import and Continue' button

  6. Confirmation on integration: From ‘Conversion’ tab, ‘Last Use Time’ in the status column is normally integrated with the time since the User registered Link ID.
  7. You will then find a section called ‘Campaign Optimization’ on the Universal App Campaign Settings page. In this campaign optimization, set "In-app actions" as an optimization goal, and select which in-app actions you'd like to optimize for imported conversions.

Integrating Views and Cost Datalink

If you verify your manager account from 'Views and Cost Data' tab and register your linked advertising account, you will be able to see the 'Total views' and 'Cost' data for your Google Ads channel from Airbridge statistical report.
To apply, follow the instruction below.

  1. Select 'Views and Cost Data' tab
  2. Select ‘Sign in with Google’ and sign into Google Ads manager account
  3. After signing into Google Ads manager account, come back to 'Views and Cost Data' tab, submit advertising account ID to ‘Integrated Ad Account’ and select ‘Add’ button

Your advertising account can be found by selecting the "Client ID" for that User in Google Ads by selecting the Help icon in the top right corner of Google Ads.

  1. Complete integration of views and cost data
  • Only the views and cost data generated after integration can be seen in statistical report.
  • You can change your verified account by selecting the 'Re-authenticate your account and update with the latest information' button. All ad accounts you have added will be reset.

Setting Agencylink

You can set up your agency for Google Ads ads. Assigned agencies can set their ‘Link ID’ in the ‘Preferences’ menu, and they look at their statistical reports.

  1. On Airbridge, select 'Integrate Paid Channel> Google Ads> Setting Agency'
  2. Enter the name of your agency in the field 'Enter agency name' from 'Assign new agency' tab.
  3. Select ‘Complete Agency Assignment’

If you do not have the desired agency name, please request for registration from the bottom right contact button.

Setting Lookback Windowlink

You can set the Lookback Window (how past performance will be counted into valid statistical data) for each paid channel by a matching method that recognizes the performance of installation, execution, and in-app events. If you set Lookback Window too wide or too narrow, accurate performance analysis may be difficult. So consider the characteristics of your app and set an appropriate Lookback Window accordingly.

  1. Airbridge 'Integrate Paid Channel> Google Ads> Select Channel Lookback Window'
  2. Setup, Run, and In-App Events to set Lookback Window by matching method

Important Noticelink

Advertisers who want to integrate Google Ads performance analytics with Airbridge must be informed with the following:

  • Please note that if you have more than one item with ‘Include Conversions’ set to ‘Yes’ in the Google Ads download category, the data will be duplicated.
  • Measuring Installs: Third-party trackers such as Airbridge do not measure ‘Install’ for Users who have never run their apps after install. Only those Users who have an initial run are measured by installs, which is useful to determining a valid install count.
  • Statistical Differences: Google Ads and Airbridge's Dashboards can show a difference in the conversion-related data. This difference occurs due to Timezone differences, as Google Ads may take up to 24 hours to show conversion data. If there are too many data differences, please contact us by pushing the button on the bottom right corner and we will help you solve the problem.

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