App Admin Settings

App Admin Settings

When there are multiple in-house App marketers, or when the Paid Channel campaigns are operated with agency or channel, different permissions can be configured from ‘Admin Setting’ so that they can create App’s Tracking Link or view Dashboard stats.

Types of App Admin and Permissionslink

Types of App Adminlink

Admin TypeDescription
OwnerAs the admin who first registered the App,
the Owner is able to use all features for App management,
including App’s overall stats as generated from both In-house Marketer and Agencies.
In-house MarketerAdded by Owner or other In-house Marketer,
the permissions to In-house Marketer is the same with
the Owner in App management and viewing stats.
AgencyAdded by Owner or fellow agent admin,
Agency account can only view performance stats generated by agency’s Tracking Link.
  • In-house Marketers cannot delete Owner’s permission or delete the App.
  • Permission for Channel will be added soon.

Permissions of App Adminlink

Airbridge’s major control features by App Admin types (Owner, In-house Marketer, Agency) and permission for stats views are as follows.

● : Permitted
○ : Partially permitted
𝗑 : Menu access denied

Page TypeOwner, In-house MarketerAgency
Create Tracking Link
Stats● All App stats can be viewed.○ Only stats that belong to Agency can be viewed.
Paid Channel Management● Can configure Lookback Window or
○ The Lookback Window or Postbacks as configured by Owner
or In-house Marketer can be viewed
(cannot configure Lookback Window or Postbacks).
In-App Event Management● Can configure basic information on
Deep Link.
𝗑 Cannot access menu
Deep Link Settings● sic information on Deep Link𝗑 Cannot access menu
Lookback Window Settings𝗑 Cannot access menu
Third-party Integration𝗑 Cannot access menu
Web-to-App Banner𝗑 Cannot access menu
App Info Management𝗑 Cannot access menu
  • Settings for My Subscription : At the moment, only ‘Owner’ account is eligible to change settings (Later to be extended to ‘In-house Marketer’).
  • Google AdWords ‘Conversion’: Agent admin can only view configured values.

Registering New App Adminlink

Go to [App Settings] > [App Admin Settings] to click ‘New Admin’ to register new App Admin.

  1. Click New Admin

  2. Submit new admin email (Airbridge login ID)

You can register multiple Admins with equal permissions at once, by separating them with the line breaks (return).

  1. Admin Grouping Admin Grouping can be chosen from ‘In-house Marketer’ and ‘Agency’. Please refer to the App Admin Permission chart to each permission level.

    If the Agency Account itself assigns permissions, then Admin Grouping will be fixed to ‘Agency’ and no additional selection feature will be displayed.

  2. Agency Account When In-house Account (Owner, In-house Marketer) is adding ‘Agency’ Account, the name of ‘Agency’ should be configured. Please search agency name and select.

    If a desired agency name is unavailable, please request for registration from the 'Inquiry button' from the bottom right corner. Upon review, we will help your registration and inform you the result via email.

  1. After Sending Invitation Link and when the Invitation Link is selected, New App Admin Registration will be completed. By clicking ‘Send Invitation Link’, an Invitation Link will be sent to the email you submitted as a new Admin. When the new Admin selects the link and sign-ins to Airbridge Dashboard, App Admin registration will be complete.

Delete App Adminlink

From ‘App Admin Settings’, click ‘Delete App Admin’ from the App Admin account you want to delete.

  • In Corporate Account, ‘Owner’ and ‘My Account’ cannot be deleted.
  • In Agency Account, ‘My Account’ cannot be deleted.

If you see the App Admin ‘Registration status’ as ‘Waiting for Registration’ on ‘App Admin Settings’ tab, this means that the Admin has not yet signed in to Dashboard by clicking the Invitation Link. Select ‘Re-send Invitation Link’ to re-send link to New Admin email again.