Android SDK Release Note

Android SDK Release Note

1.8.1 - March 12, 2020link

  • User ID is not automatically included our hash rules
  • Fix the issue that carrier name cannot collected when bluetooth module is not exist

1.8.0 - January 23, 2020link

  • New added user attributes functionality
  • New added location collection functionality
  • Doesn't required 'android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE' permission anymore to taking network carrier name information


  • InAppTouchPoint logci has been enhanced.


  • Deep Link Settings has been changed. For more details, please see guide on Deep Link Settings.
  • Deferred DeepLink log has been updated.
  • Referrer data collecting logic has been updated.
  • Braze 3rd party module has been updated
  • Deferred Deeplink function has been updated. For more details, please see guide on Deferred Deep Link
  • Now can be recognize DeepLinkLaunch Event when open the application through the notification function.
  • A new feature has been added: the ability to set whether to encrypt UserInfo.
  • InApptouchPointDeepLinkEvent has been added for tracking touch point which occurred in application.
  • A new feature has been added: can change UserInfo hashed or not.
  • Improved structure to recognize AirbridgeLink regardless of whether AirbridgeLink is encoded or not.
  • ForegroundEvent logic has been enhanced.



  • App Session Policy is adopted, so that User behavioral pattern analysis is improved with precision.
  • The duration of App Session can be customized according to User needs. For more details, please see guide on Android App Session Custom.
  • SDK State logic has been enhanced.
  • Install Flow and Deep Link Flow is now separated.
  • When using add-to-cart in In-App Event, multiple items can now be added.
  • When purchasing in In-App Event, additional Transaction ID can now be added.
  • When transmitting event, device information is now required.
  • Deep Link auto-filtering option aside Airbridge is now added.
  • Deep Link install is now tracked with precision, after upgrade.
  • Duplicate calling of AirBridge.init is now restricted.
  • Goals that took place right before App force quit is now counted without omission.
  • Problems with resetting Airbridge on Activity.onCreate is now fixed.


  • App Launch Event policy has changed its criteria to App activity, so that accurate measurement on launch session is now available.
    • When you are resetting SDK on Activity’s onCreate method, your location has to be changed. For more details, please see Guide on Upgrade.
    • For Apps under Android 4.0 (API), please see the Following Guide.
  • A logic that prevents fraudulent install is now added.
  • A logic that collects ADIDs is now upgraded.
  • The issue of resetting Airbridge SDK from a sub-process is now fixed.
  • New In-App Event has been added.
  • In-App Event API has been modified.
    • Please use SignInEvent instead of SignInGoalBuilder.
    • Please use SignUpEvent instead of SignUpGoalBuilder .


  • There was a major version update and a lot of changes in API. For more details, please see Guide on Upgrade.
  • For security reasons, App Name (English) and App Token will be used instead of existing App ID and User Token.
  • Tracker class and Event will now be used to transmit statistical events.
    • To transmit Deep Link events, DeepLinkLaunchEvent will be used instead of AirBridge.deepLinkClicked.
    • To transmit in-App events, GoalEvent will be used instead of AirBridge.goal.
    • Please use SignInGoalBuilder instead of AirBridge.userSignIn.
    • Please use SignUpGoalBuilder instead of AirBridge.userSignUp.
  • DeferredLinkReceiver is now automatically registered.
  • System stability is enhanced so that events can be transmitted under offline and/or server failure situations.


  • System stability is substantially improved.


  • App force quit issue under certain cases on devices under Android 4.0 is now fixed.
  • Strengthened redundancy logic to prevent loss on statistical events.


  • Referrer delivery problem on certain cases is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where a Simple Link was not called when reinstalling, when android:allowBackup=“true” is configured, due to Auto Backup from Android 6.0 and later versions.
  • Redundant server now minimizes loss of statistical events in error situations


  • Fixed an issue where the handler was not intermittently called when a Simple Link handler registration code was inserted into the activity


  • Integration feature with Appboyis now added.

If you insert the code below to onCreate method of Application class, the attribution information of the Simple Link is automatically integrated with Appboy.

AirBridge.turnOnIntegration(new AppboyIntegrator());


  • Matching stability of Referrer method is improved.

  • Paid Channel integration feature is now added. Users who wish to integrate with Paid Channel can use starting from this version.


  • When User inflow was not from Airbridge, some invalid statistic values ​​were sent to the server, and caused the server to reject the data. This issue is now corrected. When User inflow is made from outside Airbridge, that invalid statistics will no longer be transmitted.


  • Integration logic with Google AdWords is now added.

This logic is enabled when received a Google Play Store Referrer. Once Referrer is received, AdWords integratable value will be sent to server internally.


  • Basic Goal Setting for Simple Link Method is now added.

The added method as below are available for use from ver. 0.9.2.

void userSignup(String value)
void userSignin(String value)


  • READ_PHONE_STATE permission is now removed. This permission was used to obtain a unique Device Token, but removal decision was made given that it can affect mobile User on App.


  • An internal method for Cordova SDK development is now added.


  • Anonymous User Matching feature by GAID is now added.
  • To reduce latency while receiving GAID, the Request Queue structure is now changed.
  • Deferred Deep Link response time has been improved (max. 0.7 sec)